Kabupaten Lebak

cikotokCikotok HIstorical Goldmine

This historical mine left it old fashioned machine which still amazing and give us a bright playback during its operational time in Dutch colonialized time

How to get There : Jakarta-Serang-Pandeglang-Saketi-Malingping-Bayah-Cikotok (By Bus)

Jakarta-Rangkasbitung (by Train) -Cikotok (by Bus)


Pantai-SawarnaSawarna & TanjungLayar Beach

Eastern most point of 65 km rocky and white sandy southern banten longbeach, Indian Ocean give the big crowned wave to enjoy and perfect to surf, easily reachble from rangkasbitung and sukabumi west java, homestay and desa wisata will welcomes you

How to get there: Jakarta-Serang-Pandeglang-Saketi-Malingping-Bayah (By Bus)


suku-baduy1Baduy Traditional Societies

Inner and outer baduy live in 5.101 hectare area of kendeng mountain, side by side with the nature, they teach us how to sustain the environment for hundred years. Their ancient traditional way of life, straightly obey such the prohibition to use electronic equipment and vehicle especially for the inner side.