Serang Regency

mercusuarAnyer Mercusuar

The famous and most attracting landmark, the lighthouse be the starting point of Anyer-Panarukan legendary road that connecting along Java. This well known sand and rocky beach is in the sunda straits. Five star rated hotel available. There are alternative routes : Jakarta Merak Toll Road – Serang Palima – Cinangka Anyer/ Jakarta Merak Toll oad – Serang – Taktakan Mancak – Pasar Anyer. Both will give you the rice field scenery.


anyer beachAnyer Beach

Anyer Beach is one magnificent place, situated in Anyer district in Serang Region. It is popular with sandy beach. It is a comfortable recreation for sport water activity as jet ski, banana boat, swimming. Accommodation available are star hotel and non star hotel in long anyer becah. We can enjoying watching sunset as impressive experience.


karang bolongKarang Bolong Beach

It is situated in Cinangka District. Its about 45 km from Serang town or 145 km from Jakarta. There is unique and huge hole reef facing to seashore. It was caused by eruption Mt. Krakatau in 1883. On the hole reef is place to observation of small forest for relax seating enjoying beautiful seashore.


krakatau volcanoKrakatau Volcano

Looting distinctly menacing as huge cone on the horizon, its legendary eruption in  August 1883. Small harbor is often used to travel to Mount Krakakatau like:

– Seaport Marina at Carita

– Beach Club Tanjung Lesung

– Alternative port, Fishermen Anyer Port, Pasauran, Sumur port at Ujung Kulon, and FishermenPort at Labuan Regency with at travel of about 2.5 to 3 hours